Powder Coating with Antimicrobial Technology Together we will create a safer, brighter future ThermaShield suits a wide range of applications


Antimicrobial Powder Coatings Brochure

Thermaset have over 35 years experience of manufacturing high performance coatings, combining this with SteriTouch antimicrobial expertise has allowed us to ensure that ThermaShield is produced using the latest technology and the highest quality antimicrobial additives.

The Thermaset and SteriTouch partnership has allowed antimicrobial technology to be produced in virtually any combination of colour, finish or gloss level.

ThermaShield is a product range which can be used in a wide range of everyday applications including hygiene-critical environments and areas of high human traffic. Powder coated metal surfaces can be made antimicrobial at the point of manufacture. SteriTouch prevents the growth of bacteria, biofilm, mould and other viruses by up to 99.99% for the life time of the product. It works continuously and effectively and is already used by a huge range of industries worldwide.