Thermaset Limited offer a range of AntiBacterial Powder Coatings, polyester powder coatings formulated to be TGIC-free, designed for interior or exterior use.

The range is specially formulated on selected resins and light-fast pigments to give excellent exterior durability and resistance to yellowing with the added benefit of an effective antibacterial agent which kills most species of bacteria, including the deadly MRSA, Salmonella, E coli and C difficile.

Thermaset’s Antibacterial Polyester range is designated the prefix TLAB, any colour available by arrangement.

antibacterial powder coatings

Application Areas

Antibacterial Effect

We have achieved >Log 3 (99.9%) kill rates over a 24 hour period against the following bacteria

Range Available

  •   TLAB – G Polyester Gloss Anti-bacterial Powder Coating
  •   TLAB – S Polyester Semi-Gloss Anti-bacterial Powder Coating
  •   TLAB – M Polyester Matt Anti-bacterial Powder Coating


  •   Store in original containers in dry cool conditions between 5 and 25º C.

Shelf Life

  •   12 months when stored according to specification.

Epoxy Polyester Powders

Coating Thickness

  •   Preferred – 60 to 70 microns

Curing Schedules

  •   10 min at 180°C metal temp

Particle Size

  •   Max 10% < 10 microns
  •   Max 3% > 120 microns
  •   D50 = 34 to 42 microns

Specific Gravity

  •   1.2 – 1.8 dep. on colour & finish

Nylon Modified Powders


Polyester Powders

Post Forming Powders

Coating Properties

  • Mechanical test panels 60-70 microns on polished steel. Chemical and durability test panels 60-70 microns on lightweight zinc phosphate. Results shown below are for laboratory test conditions and are given in good faith for guidance only.

Physical Properties

Salt spray resistance ASTM B117 Pass 1000 hours
Humidity resistance BS3900 F2 Pass 1000 hours
Water resistance BS3900 G2 Pass 1000 hours

Mechanical Properties

Flexibility (conical mandrel) BS3900 Pass 3mm
Scratch BS3900 E2 (4Kg) Pass-no penetration to substrate
Impact (Direct) BS1391 Pass 80 in lbs
Impact (Reverse) BS1391 Pass 80 in lbs
Erichsen cupping BS3900 E4 Pass > 7mm
Adhesion (2mm cross hatch) BS3900 E6 Pass Gt 0

Speciality Powders


  • It is essential that surfaces to be coated are clean and free from grease etc. Aluminium substrates may require a chromate conversion coating. Ferrous substrates will benefit greatly from iron phosphate and particularly lightweight zinc phosphate to improve corrosion resistance. For optimum corrosion resistance also use our Zinc Rich Primer TLE-6226-M


  • Suitable for application by manual or automatic electrostatic spray equipment and triboelectric charging guns. Unused powder can be reclaimed using suitable equipment and recycled through the spraying system.

Exterior Durability

  • Excellent-no chalking, slight loss of gloss after 12 months continuous exposure but no film breakdown or loss of protective properties.

Chemical Properties

  • Generally good resistance to acids, alkalis and oils at normal room temperatures.

Additional Information

  • Thermaset Limited has developed these TLAB anti-bacterial powder coatings to aid the inhibition of bacterial growth on coated metal surfaces. They are not intended to replace or reduce existing hygiene or cleaning regimes but as an additional protection against bacterial growth. The TLAB anti-bacterial coatings are not based on silver technology and so do not suffer from reduced effectiveness with time caused by UV degradation like silver does.

    Our active anti-bacterial agent in TLAB coatings does not migrate on contact with water either and so cleaning regimes will not reduce the coatings ability to kill bacteria. Since the anti-bacterial agent is homogenized throughout the powder coating bacteria will continue to be killed effectively for as long as there is powder coating on the item, so it will remain effective for years.

Health & Safety

  • Use in accordance with the Code of Safe Practice published by the Paintmakers Association of Great Britain, “Application of Powder Coatings Electrostatic Spraying”. Copies are available on request. To prevent inhalation of airborne powder, face masks capable of removing respirable dust should be worn. Skin contact should be avoided and any deposited powder removed with soapy water. Some powders, mainly bright red and yellow shades, contain lead chrome and cadmium pigments. Further information is given in our Health and Safety Sheet.


  • Our data sheets and sales literature are issued for the purpose of supplying general product information. In view of the variation of conditions under which products may be used or this information may be applied, we cannot accept responsibility for loss, damage or accident of any nature [or infringement of patent rights] which may result from the use of application of the information or the products. For specific confirmation of any details in the product information or use and application please apply to the company in writing.