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As one of the remaining powder coater manufacturers in the UK, Thermaset is a thriving privately owned business that has been operating for over 35 years. Thermaset prides itself on its large stock range which is one of the widest available and all can be delivered within 24 hours of ordering.

With thousands to choose from and others produced daily for bespoke applications, few powder coating manufacturers can offer customers the range, the speed, the matching or the flexibility they need. Thermaset leads the market in this field.

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Although powder coating applications are not yet widely used on auto bodies, they are finding growing applications on components for both interior and exterior applications.

In most automotive applications, powder coatings are used for auto performance characteristics as most auto producers still prefer the use of liquid coatings for those areas requiring optimum appearance. Current applications in the automotive industry include:

Air filter housing, alloy road wheels, brake calipers & components, bright trim moulding, bumper bars, door handles engine blocks – iron & alloys, mirror housings, motorcycle frames, oil filter housings, rocker covers seat frames, steel wheels assemblies, stereo system, components suspension systems, under body primer, windscreen wipers.

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Thermaset offer a range of polyester powder coatings designed for both interior and exterior use. This range is specially formulated on selected polyester resins and pigments to give a tough decorative finish with excellent outdoor durability.

Designed for use on architectural applications such as buildings, window frames, fascia and fencing, this product is tested and approved for the quality mark

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We provide coating solutions for various applications within the energy sector.

This applies to the renewal energy systems, petroleum industry, including oil companies, petroleum refiners, fuel transport and end-user sales at gas stations.

We also provide powder coatings for wide range of applications for natural gas extraction, and coal gas manufacture machinery, as well as distribution and sales like computer casings, computer components, encapsulation and telecommunications equipment.

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The furniture industry is a major market for powder coating applications. Powder coatings are used extensively on both commercial and domestic furniture for both their performance and for their appearance.

The performance characteristics of powder coatings which make them so suited to the furniture industry include :

✓ Toughness
✓ Hardness
✓ Corrosion resistance

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In the home appliance industry, powder coating applications are well recognised as being a high quality finish for both major and minor applications.

In the appliance finishing industry the advantages of high corrosion resistance with single coat application has resulted in powder coatings being used on a wide variety of electrical appliances, including air conditioners, clothes dryers, cookers, dishwashers, fans, freezers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, refrigerators, stereo components, television components, video components, washing machines, water coolers.

In addition to the major appliances noted powder coatings are also widely used for smaller appliances such as toasters, irons, vacuum cleaners and floor polishers.

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