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Thermaset aim to deliver the highest level of customer service by meeting the individual powder coating needs of each customer by matching any colour outside of the stock range. The ability to deliver such a high level of customer service stems from the experienced technical support that is offered to each customer with all aspects of the service tailored to meet their specific needs.

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Thermaset Powder Coating

Alongside Thermaset's extensive stock range we also offer a bespoke service. We know some times it's not a standard colour. To make sure we can service all of our customers' needs we can match almost any colour and in variety of textures.

With such important jobs riding on the quality of the colour and the powder itself we will guarantee its quality with rigorous testing.

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QUALICOAT is a quality label for licensed coaters

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Thermaset's Attribute

Established in 1984, our success has always been based on the principal that our customers' problems are our opportunities.

  • 600+ powders in stock
  • 35+ years experience
  • Quick turn around
  • Certified quality
  • Technical backup
  • Colour matching service
  • Custom orders, small or large
  • Competitive prices

Variety of Uses

Thermaset coatings are used to create a hard and durable finish that is tougher than conventional paint. It is mainly applied for:

  • Automotive components
  • Household appliances
  • Architecture and construction
  • Outdoor products
  • General items

Highly popular way of painting products with a variety of colours and finishes. In addition to the viability enhancement of the finish it can also help with:

  • Productivity maximization
  • Costs reduction
  • Quality enhancement
  • Maintenance reduction
  • Environmental footprint
  • Variety of colours and finishes