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Powder Coatings with SteriTouch Antimicrobial Technology

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Thermaset & SteriTouch

Thermaset have over 35 years experience of manufacturing high performance coatings, combining this with SteriTouch antimicrobial expertise has allowed us to ensure that ThermaShield is produced using the latest technology and the highest quality antimicrobial additives.


Together we will create a safer, brighter future

The Thermaset and SteriTouch partnership has allowed antimicrobial technology to be produced in virtually any combination of colour, finish or gloss level.

ThermaShield suits a wide range of applications

ThermaShield is a product range which can be used in a wide range of everyday applications including hygiene-critical environments and areas of high human traffic. Powder coated metal surfaces can be made antimicrobial at the point of manufacture. SteriTouch prevents the growth of bacteria, biofilm, mould and other viruses by up to 99.99% for the life time of the product. It works continuously and effectively and is already used by a huge range of industries worldwide.


Why Thermaset chose SteriTouch Antimicrobial Protection?

SteriTouch is the go-to UK brand in antimicrobial additive technology, partnering with companies across the globe. They lead innovation in this sector, most notably as the only antimicrobial supplier running research and manufacturing operations on-site. Providing solutions where others have failed has since become their trademark.

The antimicrobial performance of all end products is confirmed by independent testing to the international standards JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196.

How the technology works?

Understanding how SteriTouch antimicrobial technology works is important when talking about the safety and functionality of your products.

Silver ions embedded in the material substrate are released via ambient moisture and enter the cell membrane. The silver ions destabilise the cell, stop respiration and inhibit cell division, whilst blocking the replication of DNA, killing the cell.


Is it safe?

All of the active substances used are approved by the EPA, EFSA and FDA, and are supported for authorisation under the Biocidal Products Regulation.

We do not use Nano-silver, triclosan or other organic antimicrobial additive which have health or environmental concerns. The additive we use are non-leaching and non-sensitising.

How your product becomes ThermaShield protected?

The ThermaShield range of powder coatings are applied using conventional equipment, and require no processing changes to get started. Protecting your products against bacteria, algae and mould has never been easier as a ThermaShield antimicrobial finish can be added to existing products with minimal effort.

ThermaShield - Antimicrobial Powder Coatings

Will it wear off?

Once our antimicrobial additive has been incorporated into a material, it is essentially there to stay. Recent independent testing demonstrated no loss in antimicrobial performance, even after 10 years of accelerated ageing. Ionic silver-based additives will not lose efficacy due to leaching or migration, and since they are evenly dispersed throughout the material, even scratches and abrasion do not affect performance.

Importantly, additives are unaffected by cleaning chemicals such as chlorine bleach, disinfectants and alcohol. Even harsh industrial products like MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) do not diminish the antimicrobial properties of products that have been protected.

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Specification Brochures

Thermaset Ltd, the largest sole manufacturer of powder coatings in the UK, is proud to present below ranges. All of these products have been tested to the highest standards and are available from stock for next day delivery









Fine Textures

Spectra Range

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Fine Textures

Spectra Range

Ripple Finishes

Stock Range