Epoxy Powder Coatings

Epoxy Powders

Hard, durable,

Thermaset Limited offers a range of epoxy powder coatings designed for interior use to assure hard durable protective finishes. Wide scope of colours and gloss levels available.


The unique combination of specially formulated epoxy resins to provide excellent corrosion and chemical resistance for a variety of applications i.e. automotive components, household goods.


Easy-to-use with good electrostatic charging properties and excellent transfer efficiency. Improved adhesion can be achieved by applying surface pretreatments procedures.

Epoxy powder coatings

Epoxy powder coatings offer exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and versatility, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. These coatings provide a seamless and tough finish, protecting surfaces from abrasion and chemicals.

Commonly used in industries such as automotive, electronics, appliances and household goods, epoxy powder coatings enhance the appearance of products while ensuring long-lasting performance.

Epoxy Powder Coating

Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matt

Mechanical Tests

Flexibility (cylindrical mandrel)

ISO 1519

Pass minimum 5mm

Buchholz Hardness

ISO 2815

Pass minimum 80


ISO 6272-2

Pass > 25 Kg cm

Erichsen cupping

ISO 1520

Pass > 5 mm

Adhesion (2mm cross hatch)

ISO 2409

Pass Gt 0

Chemical Tests


ISO 6270

Pass 1000 hours

Boiling Water

2 hours

No defects or detachments

Salt Spray Resistance

ISO 9227

Pass 250 hours, < 2mm creep from scribe

Neutral Salt Fog

2 hours

No defects or detachments

Mortar Resistance

EN 12206-1

Easy to remove, no staining

Test Conditions:
Unless otherwise specified, all tests have been carried out under laboratory conditions on 0.8mm degreased and zinc phosphate steel panels and are given for guidance only. Actual product performance will depend on the circumstances under which the product is used. A powder coating dry film thickness of 60 - 70 microns was used.


Specification of Powders

Epoxy Powder Coatings - Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matt
Product Description

Thermaset Limited epoxy powder coatings are formulated to give hard durable protective finishes with excellent adhesion and chemical resistance. The range is particularly suited where protection from aggressive environments is required and long term exposure to weathering or ultra violet light is not expected.

Colours Available

Thermaset Limited epoxy powder coatings are available in a wide range of RAL and BS colours or can be matched to user requirements, in smooth or textured finishes.

Particle Size

Suitable for electrostatic spray.

Curing Schedules

See box label for recommended curing conditions. Typical values are:

  • 10 minutes @ 180°C peak metal temperature
Specific Gravity

1.3 to 1.8 g/cm3 depending on colour.

Storage & Shelf Life

12 months when stored in cool (below 25o C) dry conditions. Open boxes must be resealed.


Properties of Powders

Epoxy Powder Coatings - Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matt
Substrate Preparation

For maximum adhesion the substrate must be thoroughly cleaned of grease, rust etc. by shot blasting, solvent or chemical degreasing. For maximum protection it is essential to pretreat the substrate prior to the application of Thermaset Limited Epoxy Powder Coating.


Aluminium components should receive a full multi-stage chromate conversion coating or similar chrome-free pretreatment to clean and prepare the substrate. Detailed advice should be sought from the pretreatment supplier.

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel requires multi-stage pretreatment with either zinc phosphate or chromate conversion. Depending on the type of galvanizing, degassing or use of anti-bubbling additives may be required. Detailed advice should be sought from the pretreatment supplier.

Ferrous substrates

Ferrous substrates require iron or zinc phosphate pretreatment. Detailed advice should be sought from the pretreatment supplier.


Thermaset Limited epoxy powder coatings can be applied by manual or automatic electrostatic spray equipment, general recommendation is for a film thickness of 60-100 microns depending on covering power and colour, with a minimum recommendation of 60 microns.

Chemical Resistance

Generally good resistance to acids, alkalis and oil at normal temperatures.

Exterior Durability

Not designed for long term exterior exposure. Some chalking and loss of gloss can be expected after 3 - 6 months continuous outdoor exposure.


More Details

Epoxy Powder Coatings - Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matt
Health & Safety Precautions

This product is intended for use only by professional applicators in industrial environments. Consult the relevant Material Safety Data Sheet available from Thermaset.


Our data sheets and sales literature are issued for the purpose of supplying product information. The information in this data sheet is not intended to be exhaustive and is based on the present state of our knowledge and on current laws: any person using the product for any purpose other than that specifically recommended in the technical data sheet without first obtaining written confirmation from us as to the suitability of the product for the intended purpose does so at his own risk. It is always the responsibility of the user to take all necessary steps to fulfil the demands set out in the local rules and legislation. Always read the Material Safety Data Sheet and the Technical Data Sheet for the product if available. All advice we give or any statement made about the product by us (whether in this data sheet or otherwise) is correct to the best of our knowledge but we have no control over the quality or condition of the substrate or the many factors affecting the use and application of the product. Therefore, unless we specifically agree in writing, we do not accept any liability whatsoever for the performance of the product or for any loss or damage arising out of the use of the product. All products supplied and technical advices given are subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale. You should request a copy of this document and review it carefully. The information contained in this data sheet is subject to modification from time to time in the light of experience and our policy of continuous improvement. It is the user’s responsibility to verify that this data sheet is current prior to using the product.

Restrictions of Hazardous Substances (RoHS2)

Thermaset Limited Epoxy powder coatings are suitable for use on items covered by Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2012 (Directive 11/65/EU, ROHS 2). Products contains none (or less than the maximum allowed amount) of the following restricted chemicals: Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Hexavalent Chromium or their compounds, Poly-brominated biphenyl (PBB) or Poly-brominated diphenyl ether (PDBE) flame retardants. Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), Dibutyl phthalate (DBP),Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP), Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), Benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), Dibutyl phthalate (DBP), Diisobutyl phthalate (DIBP).


Technical Sheets

Epoxy Powder Coatings - Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matt

Powder Coating

Technical Data Sheet
Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matt